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  • confidence
    Why do you want to be more confident?

    How would your life be different if you had more confidence? If you suddenly felt more confidence, but nothing else in your life changed, would that be enough? There’s no one who would answer yes to this. That’s because confidence on its own is next to useless. Confidence is in reality just a means to […]

  • couch_potato_cat
    Everything Affects Everything

    Before I got into DJing and electronic music production, I was an avid guitar player. A significant amount of my interest in guitar was in how different guitarists and producers were able to create different sounds. Even people with no musical knowledge can distinguish between the twang of a country guitar and the deep booming […]

  • images
    Are You “Investing” in Girls (and Touching Them) the Right Way??

    When I say investing in a chick, I mean giving her attention, touching her, buying her things, showing love and/or anything that signifies that you care. The one thing that every dude does who sucks with girls is invest way too much before she starts investing in you. Somewhere along the line, we got the […]

  • Stacy_Keibler_and__1582434a
    25 Ways to Know if You’re Dating a Grown-Ass Man

    1. He involves you in things on his own. He makes you a part of what’s going on and always includes you. This is one of the best feelings there is; being included automatically by someone you like or love. If you have to ask or put effort into be included, you were probably never […]

  • Feel good
    Your Mood Is A Terrible Indicator Of Your Progress!

    I’ve written a lot about how habits are the foundation for changing your behavior, and how small behavioral changes add up to major positive life changes over time. Most of the time, what your mind tells is actually a distraction preventing you from reaching your goals, since your behavior is what really matters. Because of […]

  • House+Party+Rule+1_437c30_3621157
    How To Throw A Party – 21 Tips

    Forget about the picture above, being the host is the best! #1 Girls will flake. A large % of them. #2 Dudes will bring dudes. #3 Always have enough alcohol and mixers. You can return what you don’t use (if you are poor or don’t plan on any future parties). Just make sure you keep […]

  • tumblr_m1op94q9lP1qh08hl
    Turn Offs in a Man

    By Genevieve M. I’ve already written a list of the biggest turn-ons in a man…now comes time for the list of what not to do.  Some of the biggest turn off’s a guy can do. Being Ignored. There are few things more annoying than the guy who takes me out on a first date and plays […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 4.39.52 PM
    What Would You Say To Your 15 Year Old Self About Picking Up Girls?

    Tracking Your Progress One of the things I have my clients in my VIP Private Coaching Program called “The Become A Social Genius Group” do once a quarter is to submit an essay about where they were 3 months ago and what they’ve learned since, so that they can consciously see how far they’ve come. […]

  • guy-chasing-girl
    Do You Throw Away Your Self Respect To Chase A Girl?

    Self-respect Every guy can relate to the experience of throwing away their self-respect to chase after a girl. Sometimes it seems like you’re just one step away from having her attracted to you, and if you just push a little bit harder, she’ll finally “get it” and want you more. This is just an illusion. […]

  • im-not-crazy-my-reality-is-just-different-than-yours
    Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Thoughts Seriously (And What To Do Instead)

    Everyone has thousands of thoughts running through their mind every day. Some of them are helpful, and some of them aren’t. People tend to forget that their thoughts are the result of chemical reactions in the brain, and instead mistake their thoughts as reality. We all know this rationally, but the implications for making positive […]