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    How to get to get hooked up when you go out… Cut the line, get free drinks!

    First time you go somewhere get names. When you walk in, ask the bouncers name and shake his hand. When a bartender serves you a drink, say “thanks, what was your name again?” Shake hands and introduce yourself. Treat service industry people with respect and connect with them. If they are busy, don’t waste their […]

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    “You Gonna Pay – Why Every Man Who Feels Pain In Their Love Life Should Hire A Dating Coach”

    I was listening to a client of mine named Philip complain about how expensive drinks, dinners and dates are. He said he just went on a date, spent $120 and got no love. She wouldn’t even hold his hand. But Philip is no Casanova, in fact, most women think he’s gay. I told him that […]

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    Party Planning #RealTalk

    My buddy Justin’s birthday was yesterday. We had originally discussed doing something for it and then he sent me a text saying “nah too much work ill skip on big bday”. You’ll see that I said “bullshit, I’ll plan it for you”. You’ll then notice the girls confirming below that I got to come, and yes all of […]

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    Jedi Mind Tricks

    Picture a triangle: one point is thoughts, another is actions, and the third is feelings. One of the biggest ideas in the psychology of the mind is the relationship between thoughts, actions, and feelings. We act as if all these things are separate, when in reality, they all influence and control each other.  This triangle is […]

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    9 Simple Conversation Hacks – How To Turn Any Interaction In Your Favor

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    I forgot to text that girl, what should I send?

    Excerpt from the IC Texting Guide: Using Callback Humor To Open A Text Conversation The first text you send a girl after getting her number is very important because it sets the tone for the relationship going forward. The best way to text a girl is by using “callback humor” because it’s funny and it […]

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    Why Most Guys Suck At Connecting With Women

    We’ve talked on this blog about how one of the most important skills you can develop is social awareness. But this can a big abstract concept, so let’s break it down into smaller skills you can practice. When you look at guys who are great with women, or more generally, anyone with good social awareness, […]

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    Strengthening Your Social Muscles

    Arguably, social awareness is one of the most attractive traits to women. Fortunately, it’s more of a skill than a trait. So forget the idea that you’re either born with or your aren’t. But why is social awareness one of the most important traits you can develop? And why is it also one of the […]

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    The 21 Convention is BACK!

    My favorite personal growth event of all time and one of the only events I endorse is coming back after a 2 year hiatus in October to Tampa, Florida. I hosted both the London 2012 and Austin 2012 21 Conventions put on by Anthony Johnson and I’ve never met a cooler, more down to earth, […]

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    If You’re A Man, You’ll Want This Knowledge

    I recently recorded a podcast with Andrew Ferebee, founder of Knowledge For Men. The episode has 12,281 downloads to date since its debut on 1/1/14 and it’s ranked #6 out of the 42 podcasts published on the site. The Knowledge For Men Podcast went on to become #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy in Health, Business and […]