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    Do Smart Guys Cheat Less?

    In a recent study of American teenagers and adults, researchers at the London School of Economics determined that men with higher IQs are less likely to cheat. Among women, however, they found no correlation between intelligence and propensity to cheat. Their conclusion: “more intelligent men are more likely to value monogamy and sexual exclusivity than […]

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    3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Connecting With Women

    Guys who have studied dating advice know that it’s important to build rapport, and most guys intuitively know they need to create or find a connection. But unfortunately, there are far too many misconceptions about what a connection actually looks like. Connection is the reason we communicate. In previous posts I’ve broken down the different […]

  • Overcoming-Fear-of-Rejection
    Why You Need To Get Rejected

    Our society does a great job of instilling shame in men. Growing up as kids and even into our adult lives, we’re told toxic messages that can hold us back for a lifetime. Sometimes this shame comes from the people around us. Our parents or friends say these messages explicitly: that guy’s a player and […]

  • perfect10
    The Dangers of Going After “10s”

    What terms do you use for the women you find the most attractive? Whether it’s a “ten,” “high value woman,” or even a “hot girl,” the language guys choose can reveal volumes about their confidence with women. Attractive girls experience a lifetime of experience socializing, getting attention, and being admired. If they so desire, the […]

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    How To Hit On Girls With Your Kid

    I was recently asked this question: I am a single father with my child staying with me most of the time. When I am out with her and I see an attractive woman, I fear talking to her because my daughter [age 5] will reject the fact of her dad meeting another woman. This isn’t the […]

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    8 Rules of Texting Women

    When you text a girl, or when you’re in a conversation with her, what purpose are you trying to achieve? Too often, guys will text because it gives them a rush, an ego boost, or just because it’s enjoyable. They’re missing the bigger picture. When humans communicate, we do it on multiple levels. There are […]

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    Invest in Your Social Life: Time Considerations

    Many people want a better social life. Like a lot of things, they want it immediately. Is there any fast-track, shortcut or magic bullet to having a fulfilling social life? The Effort Involved in a Social Life A social life is a thing of great complexity, risk and advantage. This is an immediate gratification culture, […]

  • body-language
    5 Keys To Fixing Your Body Language

    Body language is one of the most important ways you communicate. Other people, especially women, judge your body language in less than a second. No matter how good your conversational skills are, your body language will make or break the interaction before you ever open your mouth. If you know anything about dating or have […]

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    Rant on Minimalism
  • ronnie-wife-beater1
    6 Reasons Why You’re Screwing Yourself If You Don’t Work Out

    I graduated high school as a shy nerdy kid, and one of the things that has helped me the most in coming out of my shell and getting more confident socially has been working out, which I started taking seriously in college. Inner Confidence places a lot of weight on getting the fundamentals down, and […]